Upgrade Your Business’s Sales Process With 3D Product Rendering

If you’re reading this post, we are aware that you’re selling some kind of hardware product to your customers. Given that you already have a taste of business marketing, you know how hard it is to convey your product’s quality and value to the masses.

This issue is especially prominent if you’re a new business that doesn’t have a lot of resources to spare. Such businesses can’t afford to rely on expensive marketing tactics to get the word out about their product’s quality. And that’s where 3D rendering comes to the rescue!

3D product rendering allows you to showcase your product’s quality to potential customers without having to spend a lot on expensive marketing. Plus, it offers several benefits over traditional image-based marketing material.

But what exactly is 3D product rendering? Why should you even care about it? What benefits does it have in store for you? That’s what we’re going to answer in this article.

Let’s dive in.

3D product visualization in a cafe context

What is 3D product rendering?

3D rendering is the process of creating a 3D mockup of your products. These mockups are made in a 3D modeling software and can be used as your marketing material instead of typical photos and videos.

Unlike normal photos, a 3D model is more realistic and looks closer to how the product looks in real life. Furthermore, 3D renders also let your potential customers interact with the product and observe it from different angles.

Why use 3D product rendering for your product marketing?

Product rendering is widely used across different industries nowadays. For example, online stores use them to showcase clothing, household appliances, smartphones, gadgets, and much more.

Here are a few advantages of using product rendering in your product marketing.

  1. It allows the customer explore the product

First and foremost, 3D renders present a viewpoint that’s more natural to the human eye. Because  everything we see in real life is 3D, typical two-dimensional photos taken by digital cameras don’t allow customers to get a reliable idea of what the product looks and feels like—and that’s exactly what 3D renders offer.

Many stores support rotating the render 360 degrees. With this feature, customers can rotate the product on their device’s screen to see the product from multiple angles.

  1. It allows you to capture the customer’s emotions

A customer may originally plan to, but ultimately not purchase your product due to several demotivating reasons. To get a successful sale, you need to encourage the potential customer to go purchase your product. The best way to spark this motivation is through visual demonstration. People are much more likely to purchase from you when they can see and feel the quality of your product.

3D renders boost the probability of creating that motivational spark. By interacting with your product and seeing it from different perspectives, people are much more likely to get motivated and place an order right away.

  1. It sets the bar for expectations

One of the major reasons why customers return a purchased product is because of unrealistic expectations. When a customer orders something and it doesn’t meet their expectations after delivery, they’re very likely to send it back.

And, as you know, taking returns and issuing refunds is something businesses don’t enjoy.

The primary cause of mismatched expectations is lousy product demonstration. 2D images don’t do justice to the actual dimensions and design of your product, sparking unrealistic or false expectations in customers’ minds.

Through 3D product rendering, you can let the customer interact with your product and see it from multiple perspectives before placing an order. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of returns.


  1. It sets you apart from the competition

Even though 3D renders are affordable nowadays, many “old-school” businesses still haven’t adopted them. They’re still relying on typical photographs to market their products.

To stand out and set yourself apart, you must use 3D rendering on your website. Visitors will remember you as the site that has “rotatable 3D images” of the products on sale.

Ultimately, 3D rendering lets you build a unique brand image that stands out from your competitors.

  1. It saves you money

This might come as a surprise, but 3D product renders can be cheaper than typical product photoshoots.

You see, professional product photographers often charge a hefty amount for a good number of images, which is necessary  if you choose to market a product the traditional way. Even then, the final results may not be satisfying, and you might have to pay for a new photoshoot altogether.

On the other hand, 3D renders can be affordable, provided you hire a talented and competitive individual for the job.

  1. It saves you time

Ordering a 3D render of your product is a much faster process than hiring a studio to do a photoshoot.

Furthermore, if you ever make a revision in your product and need to reflect the changes in your marketing material, you will have to do a new photoshoot. But if you’re relying on 3D renders, making changes to the mockup is fast and easy. You won’t have to get it done from scratch.

Office 3D Rendering of an modern IT office

The bottom line

The 3D rendering market is booming at a rapid pace , and for good reasons. It lets you leverage several benefits that you just can’t get from traditional, image-based marketing material.

In this article, we have hooked you up with everything you need to know about 3D rendering. If you haven’t adopted 3D rendering in your product marketing yet, what exactly are you waiting for?