3D Advertising: A New Way to Reach Your Audience

Although the trend of 3D advertisements might seem like just another gimmick, they actually offer real benefits to businesses of all types. Advertising is always a gamble. It can be hard to predict whether the time and monetary investment is going to pay off, or whether those resources could have been better spent elsewhere. When you invest in 3D advertisements, though, you can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits that make it well worth the money.

What is 3D Advertising?

3D advertising is a new and growing form of digital marketing that, unlike other tedious and repetitive forms of digital marketing, adds another level of interactivity between the consumer and the company. For instance, when a consumer views an ad on their mobile device that takes them into a full 3-dimensional experience via augmented reality (AR), they will be able to rotate it around in 360 degrees. AR changes how consumers look at advertisements by allowing them to view them in greater detail.

3D Ads can be used everywhere

Benefits of 3D Advertising

3D is a huge step forward in media technology and has many benefits over traditional media like television, radio, and print. Most prominently, it is much more memorable than a standard advertisement because of the interactivity. Some other clear benefits of 3D advertising are listed below:

Visualize Your Brand

3D Advertising is an innovative, unique way  to reach your audience by touching their hearts and minds.

It is also a new way to visualize your brand and a powerful tool for customer engagement. It was first developed in Japan at the end of 2010, and, since then, has rapidly been adopted by several brands in France and other European countries. The principle is simple: A hologram or an animation appears on a screen which acts as a projection screen. Several brands have already launched their own 3D advertising campaigns, taking full advantage of this new technology.

Engage your Audience

Because 3D ads create a more immersive experience, it's easy to see why many brands are turning toward it as a creative way to engage their customers. For example, you can use 3D ads like game levels and in-app promotions to encourage users to interact with your brand. Because it is attention-grabbing, businesses have found that they can increase interaction rates by anywhere from 10%-40%. Having meaningful interactions is critical if you want your customers to trust and like your brand. If you're looking for new ways to stand out and reach customers through digital advertising channels that offer high engagement rates at a low cost per click, try exploring 3D advertising options!

3D Ads Sustain Users’ Attention For Longer

3D ads are incredibly appealing and fun to look at. They're significantly more engaging than traditional ads because they aren't just static images. Users have to interact with them in order to navigate through them. This keeps users engaged and involved, rather than passive viewers who scroll right past a traditional ad on their phone or computer screen. 3D ads are thus simply more memorable: By nature of their execution, 3D ads make it harder for users to forget where they saw an ad or what it looked like. Nonetheless, it always helps to  include a clear call to action.. When they see an advertiser's logo in real life, on social media, or elsewhere, they'll remember that company later on!

3D Advertising Helps Brands Cut Through The Noise

Marketing messages are no longer being taken at face value. If a company wants to make a lasting impact on consumers today, it has to create something that stands out from competitors and creates some spark of interest in its audience. Not only is 3D advertising striking  in a crowded marketplace, but it also helps businesses strengthen their brand awareness by putting their message front and center. No matter what type of business you own or operate, here are just a few ways 3D advertising can help you elevate your brand awareness:

Better Conversion Rates

Advertisers’ goal is for  as many people to see their product as possible. But if you're after conversions—sales, signups, or any other meaningful measure of engagement—you want your product directly in front of those most likely to convert. 3D advertising is so effective because it precisely targets that audience. Let’s take billboards as a counterexample. While they may receive  a lot of  attention, they don’t really tell them much about what you have on offer (and often have a vague copy that doesn't convey an impactful message). 3D ads let you create whatever image you like and place it exactly where it will be seen by those most likely to convert into customers.

Beautiful virtual shots for an emotional product presentation

3D Advertising Can Help You Collect Valuable Data

3D advertising is an incredible opportunity for brands and businesses. Using this technology can help you collect valuable data, which can help you make crucial business decisions down the road. Whether market testing or gathering information on a certain demographic, 3D ads provide all of your answers in a single advertisement! Companies can also use 3D ads to gauge their audience's reactions to specific demographics based on gender and age group. All of these insights will help your company create better advertisements overall!

Final Verdict

When it comes to selling something using a 3D ad, you desire your audience’s attention. What good is an ad if it catches their eye but doesn't get them thinking about your product or service? You want people to remember that 3D ad long after passing it by on a busy street. Fortunately, there are professional businesses that specialize in creating custom ads for any business and product you might have in mind. These days, you can find anything from 3D inflatable characters for sale to massive wraparound building advertisements for big-name brands. Get someone who knows what they're doing involved, and your brand will create some buzz in no time!

If you’re interested in advertising on a new medium, we’d be more than happy to work with you to create 3D ads. Our team of experts can design ads based on your existing logo or branding. We can then tailor them specifically to your business and ensure they’re presented in an eye-catching way. Call us today and let us know what you need!