How is a visualization created?

Here are the steps for creating an architectural visualization with QuantumLight.

Professionelle Beratung durch die Gründer oder dem Expertenkreis des QuantumLight Teams


Briefing & planning

The alpha and omega of a successful project is the common understanding of the project. In the briefing, we collect the first specific customer requests and discuss how to proceed.

The quality level and a standard home stretch are determined. Next, the timeframe for processing is determined, followed by the course of the process and cost.

Working out the project understanding together.

The determination of the quality level prevents possible misunderstandings.

Periods and processes are transmitted to the customer.


The foundation

We want to lay the foundation with all of your digital building components needed to successfully build a 3D construct.

The official start of the project in our team has been given. Ready to go.

We put together our professional team.

Files are being compiled.

The starting shot is given after the team has been successfully onboarded.

Das QuantumLight Team is international aufgestellt
Weißrendering ist die Basis der Visualsierung


The modeling

In this phase, the digital walls of your planning are drawn up and adapted. We involve you in the process right from the start - without you having to work. You take a quick look at what happened and give your feedback.
This guarantees project success.

We do the white rendering.

An internal check is used for quality assurance.

External control loops guarantee the highest level of satisfaction right from the start.


Setting up

We upload all furniture and larger objects. If unique furniture is planned, we will model and use it from scratch. All pieces are set up according to plan and precisely coordinated with the customer.

The selected furniture from the manufacturer is uploaded to the 3D model.

Unique furniture is modeled and manufactured.

Furniture and objects are correctly positioned and discussed with the customer.

In das Weißrendering werden Möbel eingesetzt
Hotel Rendering mit weniger Licht


Advance deduction

Now a beautiful picture emerges from the vision.
After the 3D modeling, the selected materials and textures are carefully applied to the given room elements and facilities.

The texturing of surfaces takes place.

Detail work is done.

Authenticity is given by comparison with natural materials.


Let there be light

Every project vision needs light as the basis of an atmospheric interior design. Seemingly simple and yet very important. We attach great importance to light, as it makes your vision more realistic and more aesthetic.

Lights and illuminants are used.

Scene adaptation is carried out.

An internal control loop ensures that quality determination has been achieved.

An external check on your part serves for quality assurance and guarantees satisfaction.

Hotel rendering
Lichtvisualisierung mit 3D Licht


Final spurt

Everything modeled, everything inserted, everything textured. Then the decoration comes into play. It is the finishing touch and should not be underestimated. This makes every visualization, regardless of whether it is a product or architecture, realistic. The more detailed a 3D model is, the more accurate the end result.

Inserted decoration provides the finishing touches.

The more details, the more lifelike the end result.

Another quality check follows.



After the 4K rendering has been created, the visualization is revised and upgraded in an image processing program.
The end result is delicate.

Final image enhancements are made.

A final quality check takes place.

Project handover to our customers.

Hotelrestaurant mit professionelle Beleuchtung von einem Lichtplaner

What does a visualization cost?

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That's what you get out of it

A 3D team that works as an internal team on projects reliably, qualitatively, and quickly.
And that with the following principles:

Project-accompanying or lead implementation

Adaptation to your requirements

Automated control processes

You can rely on the highest and consistent quality

Fast project handling

Smooth workflow through automated processes

"As lighting planners, we face the challenge of communicating the lighting effect of our conceptual considerations in almost every project. In the QuantumLight office, we have found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes them almost photo-realistically, taking into account the physical characteristics of the light. Based on these representations, decisions can now also be made together with our clients without costly sampling."

MARTIN WEISER, Lighting Designer

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