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First obtain the specific customer requirements.

Perform a broad analysis of the project.

You provide us with the files, then we prepare them and complete the rest of the 3D files with the manufacturers.

Quality level, project scope, and time frame are defined. Afterwards, we can calculate the costs.

Create the new project in our process flow and integrate it in our shared cloud.

We assign our dedicated 3D team to realize your vision.

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We create the white render so you can choose your desired perspective.

We perform an initial internal quality assurance check.

External revisions guarantee maximum satisfaction right from the start.

You get access to the project at any time, so you can check progress in real time.

A dedicated project manager will be available to answer all your questions.

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Texturing + Details

The selected furniture from the manufacturers is uploaded to the 3D model.

Custom furniture is modeled and made.

Furniture and objects are positioned correctly and in consultation with the customer.

The different elements are provided with textures, colors, and materials.

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Decorative elements are embedded.

Final detail work and light ratios are implemented.

For exterior renderings, people and nature details are added to create a more realistic mood.

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Final image processing.

Project completion and delivery of final images in at least 4k resolution.

After your approval of the delivery you will receive an invoice from us.

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