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We accompany you during the design phase. This means that you benefit from a reliable interface at all times. Changes in planning are a constant companion in the design phase. However, in daily business, there is often not enough time to always make these changes in 3D.

QuantumLight is your reliable project partner here: through our visualizations, we provide you with meaningful images that support your design and give you more control. From now on, you can concentrate fully on your core business. Your advantages in our cooperation: a direct contact person, quick implementation, and integration into our processes.

Do you know that?

Lack of time or time pressure

Inexperienced rendering partners unnecessarily complicate the project process. It is not worth the effort and the time it takes to have high-end visualizations created externally.

Lack of priority for visualizations

Up to now, 3D visualizations have not been an issue and are not desired by the customer.

Too high a cost

3D visualizations are too expensive and do not add any added value.

Loss of control

No insight into the course of the process or the scheduling.

Wie viel kostet eine 3D Visualisierung
Entwurfs- oder projektbegleitende 3D Visualisierung

This is what awaits you now

More efficiency and time

An experienced project partner makes the project more manageable, saves time and thus costs.

Control and insight

Transparent processes, with the possibility of viewing the process, project progress, and files at any time.

A professional appearance

A high-quality draft and a good presentation enable a better image with the customer and improve your brand image.

Always well-advised

A direct contact person and involvement in our processes ensure a high level of consulting competence and transparency. Therefore, comprehensible pricing is our top priority. Request a non-binding offer now.

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Quality guarantee

Highest quality, entirely according to your wishes, to achieve your quality standard, at least one revision is included in the order offer.

Punctuality guarantee

Thanks to our automated processes, we can guarantee on-time processing.

Best price-performance ratio

There are no nasty surprises with us. On the contrary, we offer transparent and fair prices that you can rely on.

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A coherent and realizable planning concept - the cornerstone of a successful project. This includes a high-quality visualization that takes all functional, creative, and economic aspects into account. You can also rely on us in this phase. Our customers benefit from agile and transparent processes with which we can react quickly and competently to changes. Are you looking for a strong project partner?

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No matter what specialization, you will find 3D visualizations and models for all areas.

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Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions.
If your question does not appear and has not been answered, please contact us.

How can QuamtumLight guarantee a quick implementation of my changes in the design process?


Simple communication without complicated e-mail traffic: The integration into our process tools and our workflow (this can be adapted to your workflow if necessary) makes it easy for you to communicate change requests to us. Simply submit the changes directly to our internal tools. These can then be processed by our team at short notice.

How long will it take to implement my change requests?


Among other things, the scope of the changes plays a role here. Suppose the changes do not affect the overall basic architecture so that the 3D model does not have to be recreated. In that case, you can generally expect a result within 24 hours. In the event of significant changes, we will inform you at short notice of how long we will need for the transition to work.

What does a visualization look like in the design process?


You decide what quality and what level of detail a visualization should have. We recommend our customers not to classify the point in the design process in the upper segment but to leave out details such as plants, decorative elements, or furniture details and first "reduce" it to the essentials. In the design process, it is essential to convey the general architecture of the building, the spatial effect, and the interior of the room. It is also necessary to compare and check any interior (furniture, choice of colors, textures) to make a final decision. Together with you, we want to contribute to your solution and that of the property developer.

Are the tools you use challenging to use, and do you not need "training"?


Our tools are easy to use without the need for training or technical understanding. In a personal conversation or a video call, we will address your wishes and workflow, show you the important part for you in our internal process and communication flow, and adapt it to your workflow if necessary. We know that our customers don't have time to deal with complicated tools or communication channels in their day-to-day business. Efficiency for both parties is, therefore, our top priority.

"Often a new idea of ​​the result. For QuantumLight that was not a problem in our construction project. The changes were implemented in a flash and we are more than satisfied. Excellent cooperation!"

Tim Klueger

Construction manager of a medium-sized company from Cologne, Germany

What does the fun cost?

Professional light visualizations increase your external image and general competence for future projects and make your drafts and plan tangible.

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