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Photo-realistic light visualizations & renderings

We put your renderings and visualizations in the right light - with high-end light visualizations, photo-realistic down to the smallest detail. With high-end renderings and visualizations, we provide our customers with the foundation for every successful project implementation. Essential: the physically correct representation of natural and artificial light.

Gewerbeimmobilien in 3D dargestellt

Your expert in light visualization

As one of the few 3D agencies specializing in photo-realistic light visualization, we offer you detailed interior design renderings with the planned lights and illuminants.

We form the interface between the lighting designer and the (interior) architect and insert the information from both planners into the 3D model. In this way, different times of day and lighting concepts can be displayed realistically in your renderings to make your designs even more convincing. Unlike other rendering agencies, in our processes, we use the planned light sources and light types and their actual light distribution curves.

The light as the main actor

Realistic visualizations are essential for successful project planning. They are no longer a novelty in architecture and, as a critical planning component, decide on the success of a project. Unfortunately, although professional lighting planning has played an increasingly important role for years, the rendering market lacks high-end visualizations that realistically depict light.

For interior architects, designers, and other people involved in planning, the crucial element of a successful project is missing - a reliable visualization.

We recognized that at QuantumLight. We make your project a success: natural light displays and breathtaking images - for absolute planning security and successful implementation of your projects. We fully adopt the type of presentation and the level of detail according to your wishes.
Everything is possible: From the rudimentary representation reduced to the light to the photo-realistic visualization with natural light - you decide.

Wohnkomplexe gerendert für mehr Verkauf

You can avoid that from now on

In conventional renderings, light is usually just a decorative element supposed to enhance the image. Usually, it has little to do with a realistic representation of the morning. This has no added value for you as a lighting planner or for your end customer.
On the contrary, it gives the wrong end result of the spatial effect.

Incorrect representation of light

The false representation of physical properties of luminaires and lamps, such as light emission and luminous intensity, harms the overall result.

Incorrect representation of objects

Materials/textures of surfaces and furnishings and their properties in relation to light, e.g., reflection and absorption, are not displayed correctly and realistically.

Lack of quality

A lack of lighting expertise results in misleading representations.

Moderne Wohnung mit Möbel

This is what awaits you now

Know-how & exchange

We bring the expertise and are in close contact with the lighting planner and the interior designer to realistically represent the light.

Planning security

Light visualizations give the planner security. Another plus point: The end customer is provided with a realistic representation of the light, making decision-making much more accessible.

High render quality

We combine the standard of high quality of high-end visualizations with the realistic representation of light - without any reduction in quality.

Focus on light

With a light visualization, the focus is on the light and its representation - here, we are in close contact with the planners and luminaire manufacturers.

Realistic representation of light

We use the light files of the lighting manufacturers selected by the planner and thus guarantee a realistic representation of the light distribution. This has a significant impact on the overall result.

Direct contact

No complicated e-mail traffic, no queues: you benefit from a personal project manager who answers your questions quickly.

You can rely on it


Your guarantee? Our know-how! Thanks to years of experience in lighting design, we know what we are talking about.

High render quality

We also guarantee high-end quality when it comes to light visualization.

Realistic representation of light

We achieve absolutely realistic results through the use of the actually selected lights and their properties.

"As lighting planners, we face the challenge of communicating the lighting effect of our conceptual considerations in almost every project. In the QuantumLight office, we have found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes them in an almost photo-realistic manner, taking into account the physical characteristics of the light. Based on these representations, decisions can now also be made together with our clients without costly sampling."

MARTIN WEISER, One of the biggest lighting designers from Germany

Light visualization,
light in 3D, VR & AR

We put your renderings and visualizations in the right light - with high-end light visualizations, photo-realistic down to the smallest detail. From light in interior visualizations for real estate to product visualizations of luminaires and light objects - talk to us.
Together we will make your project successful!

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Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions.
If your question does not appear and has not been answered, please contact us.

How do you ensure the realistic representation of light in high-end visualizations?


We insert the correct light files from the luminaire manufacturer into the 3D model. This enables us to ensure that the accurate and realistic properties of the luminaire, as specified by the manufacturer, are represented. We also contact the manufacturers to obtain the necessary information and thus guarantee our customers a realistic representation of the light. Together with the lighting designer, we also implement the planned light scenes.

What is the difference between a light visualization and a "usual" 3D visualization?


With light visualization, the focus is on the physically correct representation of artificial light. Thus, the light characteristics of a luminaire or the light source (e.g., the light distribution, the beam angle, the number of lumens, or the color temperature) are displayed in an absolutely realistic manner.

How do you manage to represent the light realistically?


In addition to using the correct light files from the manufacturer, it is just as important to use the selected materials from the (interior) architect in the 3D model to represent the effect of the light in the room with the materials realistically as possible.

How does QuantumLight work to realistically implement the corresponding light display?


We are in close contact with lighting planners, (interior) architects, and luminaire manufacturers and obtain the necessary information to realistically represent the light in terms of characteristics and behavior. Our automated processes guarantee high quality and fast implementation. At the same time, we can ensure simple scalability in this way. Through internal correction loops in the process as well as the involvement of the customer in the correction process, we achieve the correct result together, without surprises.

What if I am not satisfied with the result?


Your satisfaction is our top priority: We will, of course, correct any errors until you are satisfied with the end result. Occasionally, tastes and the ideas and expectations of a 3D visualization may be different. To guarantee a shared vision, we develop the style of visualization for the external presence of your company together with you.

What advantages do I have with QuantumLight over other 3D agencies?


Unlike in many other 3D agencies, our team consists of specialists who have expertise in lighting planning, architecture, IT, and 3D visualization. QuantumLight is not just a 3D service provider: just like our customers, we share our enthusiasm for light and architecture. Combined with our experience in IT and 3D technology and automated processes, we can guarantee you constant, exceptionally high quality.

Can I submit large or multiple projects to QuantumLight?


That's exactly what we're here for! Whether large projects or many small to medium-sized projects, we can scale every project accordingly through automated processes and our extensive network of 3D designers. We put together the necessary resources and the team to deliver the project in the desired quality and time. We work in an uncomplicated, fast and agile manner - you can rely on that.

What does a light visualization cost?


There is no general answer to how much a 3D visualization costs, as various factors play a role in determining the price. This includes the project size, the desired level of detail, the purpose, or the complexity. Therefore, please send us a non-binding inquiry. We calculate a fair offer based on transparent pricing. You can, of course, also receive our price table.

What does the fun cost?

Professional light visualizations increase your external image and general competence for future projects and make your drafts and plan tangible.

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