High-end visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words

Benefit from the high-end visualization for interior and exterior views.

Wohngebäude lassen sich visuell gut darstellen

Interior visualization - realistic room worlds

The high-end interior visualizations have become indispensable: Whether private property or commercial property, high-quality visualizations convey a realistic impression, facilitate the purchase decision and increase the feeling of security for investments.

You, too, can benefit from photorealistic renderings implemented reliably. Whether hotel lobby, luxury property, office building, or single-family house - every project success begins with a high-quality design and a qualitative visualization. QuantumLight offers you a versatile portfolio in the field of interior visualization - completely tailored to your needs.

Our services include high-end visualizations, implemented photo-realistically down to the smallest detail, and white renderings without detailed, decorative elements.

External visualizations - from the floor plan to the monument

High-end external visualizations are used in commercial properties, medium-sized and more prominent real estate projects, large-scale projects, and urban development and infrastructure projects. For example, suppose you are an architect, building contractor, or person involved in planning with QuantumLight. In that case, you have a project partner at your side who creates high-quality visualizations for your drafts, presentations, exposés, or construction signs.

Immobilie in 3D dargestellt

Realistic scenes that sell

Whether residential complex, hotel complex, or office building, we create lively, convincing representations for you with our know-how in architectural visualization.
With visualizations, you give your ideas more expression during the creation phase. As a result, our customers benefit from more planning security and the easy scalability of their projects.

As experts in light visualization, we also offer you - depending on your requirements - 3D visualizations with an absolutely realistic representation of light. In addition to the display of the planned, artificial light, you have the option of presenting customers with different times of the day or seasons - implemented according to your ideas.

You can avoid that from now on

Lack of priority for visualizations

3D visualizations may not have been an issue or desired by the customer. With high-end results, you change that.

Too high costs with no result

Benefit from the added value that high-quality 3D visualizations bring at fair prices.

Loss of control

No insight into the process flow or the scheduling of the visualization made the project more difficult.

Lack of time or time pressure

Inexperienced rendering partners unnecessarily complicate the project process.

Gastronomie in 3D dargestellt
Immobilienvermarktung schnell gemacht

This is what awaits you now

New orders and more customers

With the range of services of 3D visualizations, you increase the value of your company and create new order opportunities.

Added value through 3D visualizations

Create added value for yourself and your customers. For example, a high-quality draft and a good presentation enable a better image with the customer.

More efficiency

An experienced project partner makes the project more manageable, saves time and thus costs.

Control and insight

We accompany you during the design phase. This means that you benefit from a reliable interface at all times.

Reality is the best inspiration

Let your visualizations speak for themselves - with high-end visualizations from QuantumLight.

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You can rely on it

Quality guarantee

Highest quality, entirely according to your wishes. To meet your requirements is our incentive. At least one revision is always included in the order offer.

Punctuality guarantee

With automated processes, we guarantee you structured processing and thus a punctual delivery.

Best price-performance ratio

There are no nasty surprises with us. On the contrary, we offer transparent and fair prices that you can rely on.

QuantumLight is your reliable project partner here

We provide you with meaningful images that support your design and give you more control through our visualizations.

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No matter what specialization, you will find 3D visualizations and models for all areas.

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Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions.
If your question does not appear and has not been answered, please contact us.

How does QuantumLight work to create a 3D visualization?


First and foremost is the primary investigation. We receive the necessary information from the planner, such as floor plans, views, sections, materialists, etc. To understand and implement the room's architecture, we are always in close contact with the planner. After the basics have been determined, the team of 3D designers already designated for the project takes over. The project then goes through an automated process, including internal control loops, which guarantees the highest quality and fast implementation. At the same time, simple scalability is guaranteed. Through inner correction loops in the process and the involvement of the customer in the correction process, we achieve the optimal result together, without surprises.

What if I am not satisfied with the result?


Your satisfaction is our top priority: We will, of course, correct any errors until you are satisfied with the end result. Occasionally, tastes and the ideas and expectations of a 3D visualization can be different. To guarantee a shared vision, if necessary, we will work with you to develop the style of visualization for the external presence of your company.

What are the advantages of working with QuantumLight over other 3D agencies?


In contrast to many other 3D agencies, our team consists of specialists with in-depth lighting planning, architecture, IT, and 3D visualization. QuantumLight is not just a 3D service provider: Like our customers, we share the enthusiasm for architecture. Combined with our experience in IT and 3D technology, you benefit from experts who work with you on an equal footing.

What does a high-end visualization cost me?


There is no general answer to how much a 3D visualization costs, as various factors play a role in determining the price. This includes the project size, the level of detail, the purpose, or the complexity. Therefore, please send us a non-binding inquiry. We calculate a fair offer based on transparent pricing.

Let us advise you. We are open to any questions.

Can I submit large or multiple projects to QuantumLight?


That's what we're here for! Whether large projects or many small to medium-sized projects, we can scale every project accordingly through automated processes and our extensive network of 3D designers. We put together the necessary resources and the team to deliver the project in the desired quality and time. We work in an uncomplicated, fast and agile manner - you can rely on that.

Do I have any influence on the process and course of the processing?


We allow our customers to integrate them into our processes. Depending on the project size and effort, various processing statuses are stored in our operations, which are subject to internal and external corrections with the customer. In this way, we can guarantee correct implementation and high quality. Your advantage: You always have an overview of the course of the project. There is also the option of adapting our processes to your company's workflow. We see ourselves as partners and work transparently and flexibly.

How much time does QuantumLight take to create a high-end visualization?


There is no general answer to this question. Here, factors such as the size and complexity of the architecture or the level of detail of the visualization play an essential role. Suppose we are aware of all the factors and wishes. In that case, we will provide an exact timeline in advance when preparing the offer to prepare for it and schedule it in the project.

What does the fun cost?

Professional light visualizations not only increase your external image and public competence for future projects, but also make your drafts and plans tangible.

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