3d visualisierung immobilien

Bathroom and sanitary products shot virtually in a realistic environment

3D Configurator

produktrendering visualisierung 3d couch sofa 3d produktfoto

Product visualization of a modern sofa

vr rundgang animation agentur 3d visualisierung schweiz

Realistic and true 3D product experience via AR or VR anywhere

Custom-made product renderings

A one-stop shop for all things 3D, CGI, and rendering.

Extremely photorealistic

Bring life to your product with our 3D product rendering services.

Interactive 3D assets

Change the colours and materials of your 3D models in seconds to show your customers a greater variety of options.

Limitless flexibility

Give your products the exact look you want.

Fast to market

You will be able to sell your product before it has been produced

Lower costs

Easily create images that would never have been possible with photography by using our affordable 3D rendering services

100% digital

The digital product can be swiftly modified according to your wishes.

3d produkt visualisierung badezimmer sanitär foto rendering

One 3D model, multiple use cases

With 3D models, you are able to use the same product at different touch points with the customer. Create once, use again and again.

Generate as many variations as you want

Take your product marketing to the next level with high-end product visualizations. Endless colors, textures, patterns, and design variations.

3d produktfotos 3d produktfoto von einem tisch möbel furniture
3d produktvisualisierung 3d produktfoto 3d produktfotos

More cost-efficient than photography

Use our CGI services to switch to virtual 3D photography and save time and money creating stunning product visualizations.

Interaction is king

Improve your customer experience with product animations, interactive product configurators, and a 360° product viewer in any browser, with your product in AR, VR or in the Metaverse.

product rendering produktvisualisierung von einem Auto

Bring the FUTURE to your
marketing & sales.

Retailers manufacturers and product brands choose us to create photorealistic 3D content, interactive 3D-tools or great marketing material at scale.

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... can recommend them unconditionally.

"Working with the Quantum Light team was simply brilliant. They have responded to my special wishes and have always taken a lot of time for my change requests or suggestions. However, they also bring very good ideas of their own, which I really appreciated. I would like to give the team the highest praise and can recommend them unconditionally."

Sandra Janke

Sandra Janke

We have found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes

"As lighting designers, we face the challenge of communicating the lighting effect of our conceptual considerations in almost every project. With QuantumLight we have now found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes them almost photorealistically, taking into account the physical conditions of light. Based on these representations, decisions can now be made together with our clients without time-consuming sampling."

Martin Weiser