3D Visualization Service

What are the benefits of partnering with QuantumLight?

Our expertise guarantees that your project will be completed quickly. In addition to our existing processes, we can also adapt to your workflow. You will be integrated into our processes and have insight into its progress at all times, from start to finish. Additionally, you will receive the full scope of our project-accompanying visualizations. To ensure that the results fit your business, we work with you to develop the most suitable style or type of visualization.

What are the contractual conditions?

We have various contractual starting points, which are then adapted depending on your wishes and the joint cooperation. On this subject, we always recommend an open discussion with us to be able to answer all questions. We will be happy to advise you!

Do I have to make a contractual commitment to work with QuantumLight?

No, you do not have to. We stand by every customer, so even occasional cooperation will be beneficial to you. You are welcome to carry out one or more test projects with us before deciding to enter into a contractual and longer-term cooperation and enjoy the benefits of intensive collaboration. We are looking forward to winning you over!

Can I sell your service as my own service?

Yes, you can. We are happy to stand by you as a strong partner in the background and help you bring your project to success. If you would like to integrate 3D visualization into your service portfolio, we are also optionally available for online marketing (e.g. on your website).

What is the pricing of the service offered?

We discuss pricing with you according to your requirements and our contractual agreements. We design our prices transparently, discuss them with our customers, and develop a pricing structure that makes sense for both sides.
We are available to consult with you at any time.

Lighting physics

How do you ensure the realistic representation of light in high-end visualizations?

We insert the correct lighting data from the luminaire manufacturer into the 3D model. In this way, we can ensure that the properties of the light specified by the manufacturer are correctly and realistically reproduced. We also liaise with the manufacturers to obtain the necessary information and guarantee our clients a realistic representation of the light. In collaboration with the lighting designer, we also implement the planned lighting scenes.

What is the difference between a light visualization and an "ordinary" 3D visualization?

Light visualization is about the physically correct representation of artificial light. The light properties of a luminaire or a light source (e.g., the light distribution, the beam angle, the lumen number or the color temperature) are represented realistically.

How do you manage to depict the light realistically?

We use the correct lighting files from the manufacturers. It is equally important to use the materials selected by the (interior) architect in the 3D model in order to represent the effect of the light in the room in relation to the materials as realistically as possible.
In addition, we are in close contact with the lighting designer, (interior) architect, as well as luminaire manufacturers, and we obtain the necessary information to realistically represent the light in terms of its properties and behavior. Our automated processes ensure high quality and fast implementation. At the same time, we can guarantee easy scalability. Through internal correction loops in the process as well as the involvement of the customer in the correction process, we achieve the right result together, without any surprises.

What if I am not satisfied with the first result?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. As such, we correct all mistakes until you are completely satisfied with the final result. Occasionally, tastes, ideas, and expectations of a 3D visualization diverge. To ensure a common vision, we develop the style of a visualization for the external appearance of your company together with you, if necessary.

What advantages do I have with QuantumLight over other 3D agencies?

Unlike many other 3D agencies, our team consists of specialists who bring expertise in lighting design, architecture, IT, as well as 3D visualization. QuantumLight is not just a 3D service provider: Just like our clients, we share an enthusiasm for light and architecture. Combined with our experience in IT and 3D technology as well as automated processes, we can guarantee consistent, high quality work.

Can I submit large projects or multiple projects to QuantumLight?

That is exactly what we are here for! Whether it's one large project or many small to medium-size projects, through automated processes as well as our large network of 3D designers, we can scale any project accordingly! We assemble the necessary resources and teams to deliver the project in the desired time. We work in a straightforward, fast, and professional manner - you can count on that.

How much does a light visualization cost?

This question cannot be answered accurately in a general way, as various factors play a role in pricing. These include the size of the project, the desired level of detail, the intended use, or even the complexity. Simply send us a non-binding inquiry: we will calculate a fair offer for you based on transparent pricing. Of course, you can also request our price guide.

High-end quality

How does QuantumLight create a 3D visualization?

The first step is to establish the basics: From the planner, we receive the necessary information, such as floor plans, elevations, sections, material lists, etc.. In order to understand and implement the architecture or space, we are always in close contact with the planner. Once the basic design is established, our team of 3D designers already assigned to the project takes over. The project then goes through an automated process with internal control loops that ensure the highest quality and fast implementation. At the same time, easy scalability is ensured. This process allows us to achieve the optimal result, without surprises!

Do I have any influence on the process and course of editing?

We give our customers the opportunity to integrate these into our process flows. Depending on the project size and effort required, different processing statuses are stored in our processes, which are subject to both internal and external correction with the customer. This enables us to guarantee correct implementation and high quality. You will have an overview of the project progress at all times. We see ourselves as a partner and work transparently and flexibly.

How much time does QuantumLight need to create a high-end visualization?

This question cannot be answered generally. Factors such as the size and complexity of the architecture or the level of detail of the visualization play an important role here. If all factors and wishes are known to us, we will give you a precise schedule in advance when preparing the offer so that you can adjust and schedule your project accordingly.

Time and collaboration

How can QuantumLight guarantee fast implementation of my changes in the design process?

Easy communication without complicated email traffic: Integration with our process tools and workflow (which can be adapted to your workflow if required) makes it easy for you to submit change requests to us. Simply submit the changes directly using our innovative internal tools. They can then be processed by our team at short notice.

How long does it take to implement my change requests?

Among other things, the scope of the changes plays a role here. If the changes do not affect the entire basic architecture, such that the 3D model does not have to be recreated, you can usually expect a result within 24 hours. In the case of larger changes, we will quickly let you know how long we will need for the adaptation work.

What does visualization look like in the design phase?

You decide what quality and level of detail a visualization should have. We recommend our clients not to set the level of detail in the upper segment during the design process, but to omit details such as plants, decorative elements, or furniture details and to "reduce" them to the essentials first. During the design process, it is important to convey the overall architecture of the building, the spatial effect, as well as the interior of the space. It is also important to look at interior design issues (furnishings, color choices, textures) and consider them if necessary to make a final decision. We want to help find a solution for you and the client.

Are the tools you use difficult to use? Do they require "training"?

Our tools are easy to use, with no training or technical understanding required. In a personal meeting or video call, we will address your needs and workflows, demonstrate our internal processes and communication that is important to you, and adapt it to your workflow if necessary. We know that our customers don't have time in their day-to-day business to deal with complicated tools or communication channels. Efficiency for both sides is therefore our top priority.