Lighting design

We are your partner for photo-realistic light visualization.

We put your renderings in the right light: high-end light visualization implemented photo-realistically down to the smallest detail.

Modernes Schlafzimmer in 3d dargestellt

Photo-realistic light visualization for light planning & interior design

As a lighting designer, you know how important every detail of your visualization is. Hardly any other element has as much influence on the spatial effect as light. It can conceal and modulate, set the scene in a targeted manner, or skillfully set it in the background. It is the fascinating versatility of light that makes it a unique design element. It is, therefore, all the more critical that it is displayed correctly in your renderings.

Not letting faith decide over anything

Realistic visualizations are essential for successful project planning. They are no longer a novelty in architecture and, as a critical planning component, determine the success of a project. Unfortunately, although professional lighting planning has played an increasingly important role for years, the rendering market lacks high-end visualizations that realistically depict light.

For lighting planners, the crucial element of a successful project is missing - a reliable visualization. We recognized that at QuantumLight. So we make your project a success. With natural light displays and breathtaking images - for absolute planning security and successful implementation of your projects.

From experts for experts

QuantumLight draws on a well-founded industry network that has been built up over the years, which makes your projects scalable. We combine our core competence, 3D visualization, with the know-how from years of experience in architecture, lighting planning, and IT. For you, this means one hundred percent true-to-light visualizations, absolute planning security, and advice at eye level.

Moderene Kueche 3D visualisiert

You can avoid that from now on

In conventional renderings, light is usually just a decorative element supposed to enhance the image. Usually, it has little to do with a realistic representation of the morning. This has no added value for you as a lighting planner or for your end customer. On the contrary, it gives the wrong end result of the spatial effect!

Incorrect representation

Unrealistic and incorrect display of light reduces the quality of your renderings and gives the end customer a wrong picture.

Lack of resources

Lack of resources or time for high-quality renderings that will definitely benefit you.

Lack of quality

Low quality, unmarketable visualizations.

Lichtrendering und als Motiv ein Office

This is what awaits you now

With light visualizations from QuamtumLight, you can rely on a realistic representation of the light in the high-end area and guarantee planning security for yourself and your customers.


Look forward to professional and authentic visualizations that inspire.


We are there for you as a reliable project partner at every stage.


You can finally benefit from more time, flexibility, and fast project processing.

"As lighting planners, we face the challenge of communicating the lighting effect of our conceptual considerations in almost every project. In the QuantumLight office, we have found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes them in an almost photo-realistic manner, taking into account the physical characteristics of the light. Based on these representations, decisions can now also be made together with our clients without costly sampling."

MARTIN WEISER, Lighting Designer

What does light visualization cost?

Convincing external presentation, tangible planning, thrilling ideas: QuantumLight is your rendering expert for your lighting planning. You can find out more about our price calculation in our price table.

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Drei Bilder mit verschiedenen 3D Renderings

Get excited right from the start

Increased interest and more orders: With light visualizations from QuantumLight, you can convince your customers right from the start of the project.

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Our strengths are your added value

We have specialized in meeting the needs of the individual planning participants and delivering significant added value through our service portfolio and our internal structures and processes.

Agile, fast, and automated visualization processes

Competence in 3D visualization, architecture, lighting planning, and IT

QuantumLight as your reliable subcontractor, service provider, or partner

Transparent processes and fair pricing

Fascinating high-end visualizations that carry you away and inspire

Quality assurance and scalability of project resources